Automatic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners

The robotic pool cleanersare probably the most desirable product that a swimming pool can have. Automatic pool cleaners save us a lot of work when it comes to cleaning and keeping the pool in perfect condition. There are a wide variety of robotic pool cleaners and choosing the right one will ensure that we enjoy the pool and the results are excellent.
At Piscinarium you will find a wide variety of robots for your pool of all types of technology that exist and we offer an online chat service to answer any questions you may have, in addition to the traditional contact form.
The main function of robot pool cleaners is to go around the bottom of the pool to suck up the water and the dirt it contains and return the water clean and free of particles after passing it through its internal filters. When it comes down to it, pool robots are usually differentiated by the types of cleaning they carry out, where there are basically 3 cleaning zones, which we should be aware of in order to choose the one that best suits our needs. The 3 cleaning zones are floors, walls and waterline.
There are other characteristics to bear in mind when choosing the right model, including the shape of the pool, the material of which it is made or lined, the dimensions and the bottom, as these can be flat or sloping, and in the case of sloping pools, the slope of the pool must be taken into account.
The main technologies of swimming pool robots are usually:
  • Electric pool cleaners: the most common and the ones that people usually associate when they talk about robot pool cleaners.
  • Hydraulic pool cleaners: these do not require electrical current and are powered by the force of the pool pump. They are usually smaller and cheaper.
  • Impulsion pool cleaners: these collect the dirt by propelling water instead of sucking it in, which is what is usual in the other systems.
  • Above-ground pool cleaners: robots specifically designed for above-ground pools, also known as demountable pools.
  • Battery Powered Pool Cleaners: a variation of the electric robot that is ideal when there is no power outlet nearby.
  • Public Pool Cleaners: ideal for large areas.
  • Integrated Pool Cleaners: a customised solution that integrates into the bottom of the pool, ideal for renovations or newly built pools.
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