Pressure Cleaners

Pressure cleaner robots

Pressure cleaners are also known as pressure robots.

The main difference with the rest of automatic pool cleaners is that they clean the pool by impulsion, while the vast majority of other robotic pool cleaners clean the pool by suction.

The suction robotic pool cleaners require a specific pump that drives the water through the suction inlet and this, in turn, is connected to the robot so that it can clean efficiently.

They are usually very efficient robot pool cleaners for cleaning leaves or gravel debris. The design of these robots is based on the Venturi effect generated by the pump's impulsion jets, which convert the water inlet into a powerful suction current, which is used by the robot to move around the pool and deposit the dirt in its built-in bag.

Although they are not the most common robot pool cleaners, they are usually the most efficient for certain situations such as pools with a constant presence of leaves or larger debris such as gravel or small animals. Their great advantage is that they deposit the dirt in the bag instead of in the filter pump basket, saving the cleaning of the latter and the loss of suction, as well as the filter cleaning cycles.

The robot brand Polaris is the benchmark in this type of pressure robot and the highest quality. If you have any doubts about which model is the most suitable for your particular case, do not hesitate to write to us so that we can help you personally.

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