POOLP'O Gre Floating Dispenser

POOLP'O Gre Floating Dispenser

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Poolp'ofloating dispenser of Gre for the correct maintenance of the water of the swimming pool.

Suitable for above ground pools or small pools.

It performs 4 actions: sanitizing, antibacterial, anti-algae and flocculant.

There is no direct manipulation with the chemical product.

Easy and safe.

Easy to use: turn the thread at the bottom and place it on the pool water.

Available in 2 sizes according to the volume of the pool water.




A series of additional water treatment products used to prevent, treat or maintain pool water. These products are suitable for all types of pools, and thanks to the use of GRE products, your pool will be in perfect condition and you will be able to enjoy it all year round.


- Floating dispenser for pool water maintenance (Poolp'o)

- Suitable for above ground pools with or without filtration.

- One treatment every month is recommended.

- 4 functions: disinfection, antibacterial, anti-algae and flocculant.

- Operation without contact with chemicals.

- Get a safe water maintenance.

- Easy to use: twist the thread underneath and place it over your pool water.

- The optimized shape keeps the water circuit intact and does not affect filtration.

- Once the chemical is finished, it rises to the surface, warning that a new treatment method needs to be started.

- From 0-10 cubic meters contains 250 grams.

Gre es lider en la fabricación de piscinas desmontables sobre tierra, piscinas sobre suelo, piscinas en kit, piscinas elevadas, … En Piscinarium podrás comprar piscinas elevadas Gre de diferentes formatos y acabados así como infinidad de accesorios para su equipamiento y mantenimiento. Disponemos de los mejores precios.
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