Chlorine and Bromine Compact Dispenser

Chlorine and Bromine Compact Dispenser

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Trichlor and bromine tablets compact dosing equipment with automatic safety valve.

Made of polyester and fiberglass for maximum resistance.

Available in 2 capacities:

40 liters (code 11999): Trichlor (for pools from 200 to 500 m3) / Bromine (for pools from 150 to 300 m3)

60 liters (code 11998): Trichlor (for pools of 500 to 1000 m3) / Bromine (for pools of 300 to 450 m3)



Dosing unit for trichlorine tablets CTX- 370 and CTX-373 and bromine tablets CTX-130 with automatic safety valve, made of chlorine and bromine resistant material. >Its large capacity (approx. 20 to 30 kg of tablets) gives it an autonomy of several days.

Its installation is always done in by-pass (offline).
It is recommended to always install it with rigid PVC piping.
It incorporates as standard an automatic safety valve by means of which it is ensured that the maximum pressure inside the Clorimax never exceeds 2.5 - 3 kg.
Ideal for: Public swimming pool.
The Clorimax dispenser allows us to apply the products CTX-370, CTX-373 trichlorine tablets and CTX-130 bromine tablets in a continuous way, achieving the correct disinfection of the pool water.
High capacity and autonomy of disinfection.
Almost null maintenance.
It works with electric current.
Precise dosage of chlorine or bromine.
Easy installation.
Its operation is very simple.
The Clorimax is filled with compacts and the inlet valve is regulated to obtain the desired concentration of chlorine or bromine in the water.
Its large capacity gives it a great autonomy.
Annually it is recommended to check the correct operation of the safety valve and clean it if necessary.
It should always be ensured that when the Clorimax is to be checked or recharged, it should be operated for a minimum of 30 minutes before being opened.
It is recommended for your safety that you read the Clorimax instructions carefully.
Chlorine tablets should not be mixed with bromine tablets, nor should multifunction tablets be used.


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