Swimming pool Gre Sunbay Mango rectangular...

Swimming pool Gre Sunbay Mango rectangular 618x320x130

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The rectangular pool Gre Mango of the Sunbay series is compact and recommended to enjoy with the whole family and friends.

Elevated pool Gre Sunbay made of solid pine wood.

Its measures are 618 x 320 cm and 130 cm high, being one of the highest of the series.

Includes 6 m³/h sand filter, 60/100 liner and ladder.

Maximum guarantee.


As a European leader in the manufacture of wooden pools, GRE proposes through the Sunbay brand a wide range of pools made in France with French Scots pine. Wood is a sustainable and ecological material of great resistance and durability.

Its easy installation and rustic aesthetics make it an ideal element that adapts perfectly to the garden. These pools come with all the necessary accessories: wooden structure, sand filter, liner, ladder and protective cover.


Handle Evora Braga Mint Cardamon
Model 790204 790096 KPBRC620 790206 790207 788032 788033
Outside dimensions 3.75 x 2.00 m 4.27 x 2.77 m 6.18 x 3.20 m 6.20 x 4.20 m 8.15 x 4.20 m 10.10 x 4.18 m 12.10 x 4.18 m
Inside dimensions 3.50 x 1.75 m 3.79 x 2.29 m 5.68 x 2.73 m 5.70 x 3.73 m 7.67 x 3.73 m 9.65 x 3.71 m 11.62 x 3.71 m
External height 68 cm 119 cm 130 cm 133 cm 146 cm 146 cm 146 cm
Interior height 65 cm 116 cm 127 cm 130 cm 142 cm 142 cm 142 cm
Water line height 60 cm 106 cm 117 cm 120 cm 136 cm 136 cm 136 cm
Volume of water 3,7 m³ 9 m³ 18,1 m³ 24,1 m³ 37 m³ 50 m³ 60 m³
Installation Omegas system Omegas system Omegas system Concrete slab Concrete slab Concrete slab Concrete slab
Liner (thickness) 50/100 75/100 60/100 75/100 75/100 75/100 75/100
Sewage treatment plant Cartridge filter
2 m³/h
Sand filter
4 m³/h
Sand filter
6 m³/h
Sand filter
8 m³/h
Sand filter
10 m³/h
Sand filter
10 m³/h
Sand filter
10 m³/h



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