Blue Connect Lithium Battery

Blue Connect Lithium Battery

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Official replacement lithium battery for Blue Connect smart water analyzer.

Compatible with Blue Connect (white) and Blue Connect Plus (blue) models.

The battery needs to be replaced approximately every two years under normal conditions of use.

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The STEPS TO FOLLOW to replace the Blue Connect battery are as follows:

1. Under "Parameters" " "Blue Connect", click on "Battery replacement".

2. Take the analyzer out of the water, remove the rubber ring and the use cap and place Blue Connect in the storage plug.

3. Dry it and start the procedure in a dry and clean place.

4. Remove the adhesive tape and unscrew the top of the device. This is a left-hand thread. Unscrew clockwise. Remove the gasket and discard it.

5. Disconnect the white connector by pulling the red and black wire. The battery is at the other end of the cable. Press the plastic rod to release the battery and remove it by pulling on the cable.

6. Place the battery in the bottom of the cavity until it locks into place. Then connect the connector.

7. Place the new gasket supplied with the battery into the thread on the top of the unit. Close the top. This is a left-hand thread. Screw it counterclockwise.

8. Stick the new adhesive tape supplied with the battery and put the ring back on. Then put the use cap back on and put your Blue Connect back in the water.

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