Cleaner Astralpool H5 Duo
Cleaner Astralpool H5 Duo
Cleaner Astralpool H5 Duo
Cleaner Astralpool H5 Duo

Cleaner Astralpool H5 Duo


The robots Astralpool HDuo are our reference model of electronic pool cleaners.

Advanced technology and cutting-edge design.

Suitable for cleaning residential pools up to 15 meters long or 100 m2.

Robot pool cleaner for automatic cleaning of the bottom, walls and waterline.

GYRO Technology: New intelligent navigation system that guarantees the total cleaning of the pool. It avoids all kinds of obstacles and cable winding.

It has a double traction motor.

Includes transport trolley.

Cable 18 meters.

3 years warranty.

Reference: 66016


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The Astralpool HDuo robots are our reference model of electronic pool cleaners.

With the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art design, these robots represent the highest range of residential pool robots.

Three-dimensional filters: Astralpool incorporates the new ultra-fine 3D filter as standard.

LED indicator: LED light indicates if the filter is full.

Easy view: With transparent windows to easily view the level of dirt.

Easy open: Easy access to the filters from the top of the robot.

Clean hands: No need to come into contact with dirt to clean the filter.

PVA brushes: The best quality for optimal grip.

Height adjustable suction nozzles: Maximum suction. + POWER + EFFICIENCY + RELIABILITY

Advantages of a single platform and a block composed of 2 motors and 1 filtration pump:

- Improved power transmission.

- More efficient oscillating brush.

- More durability: no drive belts and improved motor seals.

- Improved capabilities: double traction motor + Gyro system.

- Ease of repair for the customer: 4 screws to replace the motor block and direct access to gears and rollers.


(AstralPool H7 DUO)

Astralpool está especializado en la fabricación y distribución de todo tipo de artículos y accesorios para la piscina (privada y pública). En su catálogo encontrarás desde limpiafondos, filtros y bmbas, duchas, escaleras, equipos depuración, equipos electrólisis salina, mterial de limpieza, ... hasta saunas y spas. AstralPool dispone de la gama de productos más completa para tu piscina.

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