Cleaner Pulit Advance +5

Cleaner Pulit Advance +5


Electric robotic pool cleaner recommended for cleaning the bottom, walls and waterline of residential pools up to 12 meters in length.

Easy to clean top access filters, with LED indicator when the filter needs to be cleaned.

2 programmable cleaning cycles: 1.5 or 2 hours.

Ultra-fine 3D filter.

AquaSmart Inside. Intelligent electronic system for efficient pool cleaning.

Transport trolley included.

Gyro intelligent navigation system that guarantees maximum cleaning efficiency and superior performance, thanks to the precision in the line and turns.


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New robotic pool cleaner for residential pools. The Pulit Advance+ 5 robot completely removes dirt from the bottom, walls and waterline of the pool in record time thanks to the Aquasmart electronic control system and an efficient vibrating cleaning brush that removes dirt from any surface. It features the most ergonomic top-access filters on the market, which you can clean easily and without coming into contact with the dirt. In addition to the standard filter, a fine filter and a coarse filter can be purchased. It operates in cycles of 1.5/2 hours, incorporates 18 m of self-floating cable, LED indicator when the filter needs to be cleaned, transport trolley, PVA brushes and height adjustable suction nozzles to ensure perfect adaptation to any pool.

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