AstralPool R7 Cleaner

AstralPool R7 Cleaner


Robot pool cleaner 4x4 for cleaning the bottom and walls of residential pools up to 9 meters.

3 cleaning cycles and remote control with your Smartphone via Bluetooth.

Incorporates 16 meters of cable with an anti-tangle system


The bottom and wall cleaning robot with 3 cleaning cycles of 1,5h, 2h and 2,5h.

With 3D ultra-fine three-dimensional filters for maximum retention of the finest particles.

Robot with transparent windows to visualize the accumulated dirt.

Filter cleaning indicator.

Easy access to the filters from the top of the robot to avoid contact with the dirt.

Bottom rotating brush for extra brushing and more active cleaning of the pool surface.

PVA wheels to maximize and optimize the adherence in 4x4 traction.

Height adjustable suction nozzles for all types of liners.

Swivel system to avoid cable twisting and tangling.

Intelligent navigation system with Gyro Technology to guarantee total pool cleaning.

Elegant and ergonomic design and ease of use make it the first intelligent robot.

Astralpool está especializado en la fabricación y distribución de todo tipo de artículos y accesorios para la piscina (privada y pública). En su catálogo encontrarás desde limpiafondos, filtros y bmbas, duchas, escaleras, equipos depuración, equipos electrólisis salina, mterial de limpieza, ... hasta saunas y spas. AstralPool dispone de la gama de productos más completa para tu piscina.

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