Robot Cleaner Dolphin Acuarius R2
Robot Cleaner Dolphin Acuarius R2
Robot Cleaner Dolphin Acuarius R2
Robot Cleaner Dolphin Acuarius R2
Robot Cleaner Dolphin Acuarius R2
Robot Cleaner Dolphin Acuarius R2

Robot Cleaner Dolphin Acuarius R2


Robot cleaner Dolphin Acuarius R2 for complete cleaning of all pool surfaces: bottom, walls and waterline.

Designed and manufactured for pools up to 12 m long.

Walls up: YES

Cleaning cycle of 2 hours.

Easy-Clean basket for easy access and cleaning for the retention of coarse, fine and ultrafine dirt.

Double active brushing: front + rear.


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Designed for automatic cleaning of pools below 12 meters, firm and lightweight, dual filtration levels and maximum coverage of the entire pool.

Cleans walls, bottom and water lines with a 2-hour duty cycle.

PowerStream mobile system, which allows lateral sweeping of the waterline and optimizes the performance and efficiency of the robot during cleaning.

Ergonomic and lightweight. 7.5 kg, easy to handle, fast water evacuation system.

Dual active brushes (front and rear), the rotation speed of the brush is double that of the robot to treat ingrained dirt. The rear brush has a PVA ring, which can maximize the grip and make it easier for the robot to move up the walls.

The traction with the track system allows it to grip perfectly on all types of material.

CleverClean™ Coverage. Navigation system that can perform precise scans to ensure better coverage of all surfaces.

More efficient filtering. The Easy-Clean basket includes interchangeable panels, allowing you to choose the level of retention required according to your needs: spring filter (start of season or collection of large debris) or ultra-fine filter (maintenance of the filtration level, which is maintained throughout the bathing season).

It uses a low power digital power supply and an 18 meter cable.


Aquarius R2 Aquarius R4 Aquarius R5 Aquarius R6
Code 500961R2 500961R4 500961R5 500961R6
Bottom Yes Yes Yes Yes
Walls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterline Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brushes 2 2 2 3
Filtration cartridges Easy-Clean basket
Primavera + Ultrafino
Spring Primavera + Ultrafine Primavera + Ultrafino
Programmer - - - Weekly
Gyroscope - - Yes Yes
Remote control - - - Smartphone
(MyDolphin App)
Cycle time (h) 2 2,5 2,5 2,5
Cable length (m) 18 18 18 18
Transport trolley - - - Caddy with wheels
Suction flow rate (m³/h) 15 17 17 17
Filter type Top access Top access Top access Top access
Motor 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC
Recommended pool length (m) 12 12-15 12-15 15
Warranty 2 years 2 years + 6 months 2 years + 6 months 2 years + 6 months


Brochure DOLPHIN ACUARIUS R2 (information, technical characteristics, data sheet, ...).

Type of cleaning
Bottom, walls and waterline
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