Salt Chlorinator CTX Salt Expert E Series

Salt Chlorinator CTX Salt Expert E Series


Salt electrolysis equipment that achieves a new milestone in the sector in terms of control capacity and ease of use.

Saline chlorinator that allows to obtain a pure and crystalline water.

Ideal for residential pools.

Self-cleaning, requires little maintenance.

Affordable, robust, reliable and very compact.

Salt chlorinator available 3 options for pools of 60 m³, 90 m³ and 120 m³.


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Precise dosing control: the CTX E-Series salt chlorinator constantly generates the required chlorine level. All you need to do is to readjust the salt level in the water from time to time.

Intelligent automatic polarity reversal cleaning system: at intervals determined by the intelligent software included in the device, the CTX E-Series inverts the polarity of its electrodes. This self-cleaning process eliminates any existing residue on the plates, increasing cell life.

User-friendlyLCD display: the amount of chlorine generated can be adjusted from the Touch Control area.

Internal programmer: allows you to set the operating hours independently of the filtration. That is, if the filtration is 8 hours per day, it is possible to set the chlorination in 4 hours within that interval.

Compact and robust design: small size design, ideal for technical rooms with limited space available for mounting.

CTX es un fabricante de productos destinados al mantenimiento y tramtamiento del agua de la piscina. Dentro del cátalogo de CTX encontrarás producto químicos (cloro, minorador de pH, incrmentdador de pH, antialgas, floculante, …) asi como otros artículos para la piscina. Dilatada experiencia en el sector.

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