AstralPool Sel Pure Salt Chlorinator

AstralPool Sel Pure Salt Chlorinator


Sel Pure is the equipment of the AstralPool range of salt chlorinators designed for medium and large pools, whether residential or commercial.

It is compatible with pH control and chlorination control equipment, which can be installed afterwards.

It is available in 3 models, depending on the m3 of your pool: up to 60 m3, up to 100 m3 and up to 160 m3.

Compatible with the "Fluidra Connect" Modbus communications protocol.


Salt electrolysis with self-cleaning 9-plate electrodes by polarity inversion.

Simple and semi-automatic adjustments.

Electrodes with improved precision and optimized lifetime.

Includes flow detection connector (flow switch), grounding (Pool Terre) and salinity level analysis strips.

Built-in self-diagnostic function and production control from 0% to 100%.

Automatic cover connection.

Saline chlorinator recommended for both indoor and outdoor pools.

Compatible with Fluidra Connect.

Compatiblewith pH control and chlorination control equipment, which can be retrofitted:

  • PH control: can be added with Control Basic Plus or pH Pure models.
  • Chlorine control (ORP): can be added with the Redox Basic EV Plus model.

NOTE: you will find this equipment in our online store.

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