Winter Cover Gre Oval Metal Aboveground...

Winter Cover Gre Oval Metal Aboveground Swimming Pool

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Winter cover Gre for removable oval pools that protects the pool during the winter or when necessary.

Material: polyethylene

Quality: 120 g/m² (180 g/m² on Premium models)

Black color to keep out external light, thus preventing algae proliferation.

Includes plasticized steel cable and adjustable tensioner.



The winter covers allow to cover the swimming pool during the winter and to avoid that the swimming pool is filled with a lot of dirt like leaves or small animals. They also protect the pool from ice, prevent possible falls and maintain the water temperature at night.


Protects the pool from ice and dirt and prevents falls

Helps to keep the water in good condition

Cover thickness: 120 g/m²

Material: Polyethylene

Color: Black

Included: plastic-coated steel cable and adjustable tensioner

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