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WinterStar CTX-550 is a winterizing product for the maintenance of the water in open-air pools during the winter period, thus avoiding the appearance of algae and bacteria that cause water putrefaction and the formation of calcareous sediments.

Formulation for in-ground gresite pools.

It preserves the water of the pool in winter and you will avoid having to recover its good condition or refill it at the beginning of the bathing season.

This winterizer is totally soluble in water and does not generate foam in the pool.

Compatible with all types of filtration systems.


Winterizer. >Ideal for: Inground pools.
Prevents intense proliferation of algae and bacteria in the water.
Prevents water putrefaction and calcareous sediments.
Facilitates spring cleaning and is non-foaming.
At the end of the bathing season and without stopping the maintenance treatment, perform a superchlorination with Dichloro Granulado CTX-200GR ClorShock (15 grs./m.3).
The next day, add 5 lts. of CTX-550 per 100 m.3 of water.
The pH value of the water should be between 7.2 - 7.6.
Vet the necessary dose of product directly on the water of the swimming pool.
It is necessary to put the filtration equipment in operation, the sufficient time to obtain a good distribution of the product in the water.
It is advisable to repeat the addition of the product in the middle of the winter season.

CTX es un fabricante de productos destinados al mantenimiento y tramtamiento del agua de la piscina. Dentro del cátalogo de CTX encontrarás producto químicos (cloro, minorador de pH, incrmentdador de pH, antialgas, floculante, …) asi como otros artículos para la piscina. Dilatada experiencia en el sector.

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