Multi Pooltester 5 In 1 Analyzer Case

Multi Pooltester 5 In 1 Analyzer Case

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Poolcheck is a complete professional analysis kit to determine the pool water balance.

It allows to analyze the following parameters: active chlorine, free chlorine, pH, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid and acid demand.

It complies with the UNE-ISO 17381 standard, which regulates the test kits to be used in water quality analysis.

Includes accessories, enough reagents for approximately 20 analyses and instructions for use.


It analyzes whether the water has a corrosive effect and a tendency to limescale formation, indispensable for determining whether the water is balanced or not, as it contains all the components for the determinations of active and free chlorine, pH value, calcium hardness, total alkalinity and of course the need for acid and cyanuric acid.

CTX es un fabricante de productos destinados al mantenimiento y tramtamiento del agua de la piscina. Dentro del cátalogo de CTX encontrarás producto químicos (cloro, minorador de pH, incrmentdador de pH, antialgas, floculante, …) asi como otros artículos para la piscina. Dilatada experiencia en el sector.

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