Essence of Mint for Saunas CTX-83

Essence of Mint for Saunas CTX-83

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Mint essence for sauna aromatization after cleaning and disinfection.

Specially formulated for inhalation in saunas and steam baths.

Communicates a pleasant mint scent that contributes to the well-being and respiration of sauna users.

Mint properties: soothing, relaxing, vasoconstrictor, expectorant, etc.

Product suitable for saunas for private or public use.

Saving packs:

4 containers of 5 liters (20 liters in total)

25 liter pack



Eucalyptus or peppermint essences. Thanks to its ethereal oils and refreshing aromas, it relaxes the bronchial muscles and improves breathing. Suitable for aromatization of the sauna area after cleaning and disinfection. Ideal for: Saunas. Communicates a pleasant smell of eucalyptus contributing to the relaxation and respiration of the user. Regularly pour the product at a rate of 1 or 2 plugs per liter of water, in the existing bucket inside the sauna, so that when water is poured into the heater, a complementary aromatization is produced in addition to the one obtained by the slow evaporation of the water in the bucket.


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