AstralPool Elite Connect Electrode
AstralPool Elite Connect Electrode
AstralPool Elite Connect Electrode
AstralPool Elite Connect Electrode

AstralPool Elite Connect Electrode

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Replacement electrode for Elite Connect salt chlorinators of AstralPool brand.

Available in 6 models depending on the chlorinator model and chlorine production capacity.

If you have any doubts about what spare part or spare part you need for your salt chlorinator, please contact us.



Original AstralPool electrode replacement for salt chlorinators of the Elite Connect series of the brand.

Available in 6 models:

For Elite Connect 12 salt chlorinator (codes: 70012, 70019, 70031 and 70361): 60588

For Elite Connect 24 salt chlorinator (codes: 70013, 70021, 70032 and 70363): 60589

For Elite Connect 32 salt chlorinator (codes: 70014, 70023, 70033 and 70365): 60594

For Elite Connect 42 salt chlorinator (codes: 70016, 70025, 70035 and 70369): 70316

For Elite Connect 12 LS (low salinity) salt chlorinator (codes: 70037, 70040, 70047 and 70371): 70317

For Elite Connect 24 LS (low salinity) (codes: 70039, 70042, 70048 and 70372): 70318

Renew the worn electrode and recover the maximum performance of your salt chlorinator.

The installation of the new cell can be done by the owner of the equipment (the glass is not included).

Self-cleaning electrodes by polarity reversal for a long service life without lime scale.


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