Salt Chlorinator Idegis Tecno S2
Salt Chlorinator Idegis Tecno S2
Salt Chlorinator Idegis Tecno S2
Salt Chlorinator Idegis Tecno S2

Salt Chlorinator Idegis Tecno S2

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Self-cleaning salt water chlorinator for use in private or residential pools up to 160m3.

Compact design.

Easy installation and operation.

Backlit touch screen.

Salinity and temperature monitoring.

Prepared for aggressive environments.

Disinfection of pool water in an economical, safe and without the need to handle chemicals.




Comparative table between the different models of the salt water chlorinator Idegis Tecno S2. Each and every one of its features and specifications.

DT2-7 DT2-12 DT2-21 DT2-30 DT2-40
Chlorine production 6-7 g/h 10-12 g/h 17-21 g/h 24-30 g/h 31-40 g/h
Water volume 25 m³ 50 m³ 80 m³ 120 m³ 160 m³
(volume calculated for 8 h of daily filtration in a hot climate)
Power supply
Operating voltage 230 V ac 50/60 Hz
Consumption (A ac) 0.2 A 0.4 A 0.4 A 0.8 A 0.9 A
Fuse (5x20mm) 1AT 2AT 2AT 3.15AT 4AT
Output (Adc) 3.5 A x 2 6 A x 2 3.5 A x 6 6 A x 5 6.5 A x 6
m³ swimming pool (16-24º C) 40 60 100 160 180
m³ pool (+25º C) 25 50 80 120 160
Salinity 4-10 g/l (4-6 g/l recommended)
Ambient temperature max. 40º C
Enclosure ABS
Polarity inversion 2h, 3h and test (soft)
Production control 0-100% (10 production levels)
Flow detector (gas) Yes (Configurable)
Flow detector (gas) Yes (Configurable)
Production control by blanket (10 ... 90%). Voltage free contact
External production control (0.set%). Voltage-free contact
Electrode diagnostics Yes
PH safety shutdown Yes, soft conf. 1 ... 120 min
Salinity measurement Yes (real time)
Salt alarm indicator High and Low
System conf. menu Yes
Modbus & PoolStation (compatible) Yes
Electrolysis cell
Electrodes (self-cleaning activated titanium) Tech grade (8,000-10,000 hours)
Minimum flow rate (m³/h) 2 3 5 6 8
No. of electrodes 3 5 7 11 13
Material Methacrylate derivative
Pipe connection PVC glued Ø 63 mm
Max. pressure 1 kg/cm²
Working temperature 15-40ºC max



Brochure IDEGIS TECNO S2 (information, technical characteristics, ...).

Instruction manual IDEGIS TECNO S2

Chlorinator Type
No pH/ORP control (salt chlorinator only)
Idegis cuenta con una dilatada experiencia en el diseño y fabricación de equipos de electrólisis salina para la piscina. En Piscinarium disponemos de los mejores precios en cloradores salinos y reguladores de pH para la piscina.
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