Salt Chlorinator Idegis Domotic PLUS (pH + ORP)

Salt Chlorinator Idegis Domotic PLUS (pH + ORP)

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Idegis Domotic Plus is a self-cleaning salt chlorinator for private pools up to 160 m³.

It disinfects pool water without the need to handle or store hazardous chemicals.

Integrated pH and ORP control.

Compact design.

Easy installation and operation.

Backlit touch screen.

Salinity and temperature monitoring.




-Advanced electrodes (5,000-7,000 hours)

-Self-cleaning unit.

-Easy installation.

-Salt test function.


Salt electrolysis is a simple principle, similar to the behavior of the ocean and its ecosystem:

-The salinity of the pool water is 4 g / l (9 times less than seawater).

-By electrolysis, through the cell, the salt is converted into chlorine gas, which is a powerful disinfectant that dissolves in water immediately.

-The chlorine destroys all microorganisms in the cells and brings the correct level of free chlorine to the pool.

-The active chlorine removed under the action of the sun's ultraviolet rays will be continuously renewed by the cell without any intervention.

-The salt water chlorination method has advantages, but it is particularly important to avoid handling and storage of hazardous chemicals, unpleasant odors, dry skin and eye irritation. There is no build-up of waste and no need to empty the pool, thus saving the cost of purchasing chemicals and maintenance.

For your convenience

-For electrolysis to work properly, the pH value of the pool must be maintained at 7.2 and 7.4.

-To maintain good water quality, it is essential to have balanced water (pH, hardness, TAC) and effective filters that are adapted to your pool and its conditions of use.



Brochure IDEGIS DOMOTIC PLUS (information, technical characteristics, ...).

Instruction manual IDEGIS DOMOTIC PLUS

Chlorinator Type
With pH/ORP control
Idegis cuenta con una dilatada experiencia en el diseño y fabricación de equipos de electrólisis salina para la piscina. En Piscinarium disponemos de los mejores precios en cloradores salinos y reguladores de pH para la piscina.
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