Servicio instalación piscinas Gre

At Piscinarium we offer the installation and assembly service of all the removable Gre pools that you can buy in our online store. In this way we intend to provide a comprehensive service so that you do not have to worry about anything when buying any of our pools. We have specialized technicians who will be in charge of installing your Gre pool.

Our assembly service is applicable to any of the types of Gre pools:

  • Gre steel pools
  • Gre wooden pools
  • Composite pools Gre
  • Gre inground pools

Do not hesitate to ask us for the price of the assembly service, whatever the Gre pool model you want to buy. NOTE: some of the main models are: Fidji, Atlantis, Avantgarde, Bora Bora, Sicilia, Granada, Gre Sunbay, Finlandia, .. .).You can contact us to request a price through the following channels:

- Email:

- Online chat (located in the lower left part of the web)

- Telephone: 931 315 907

- WhatsApp: 621 258 505

Previous aspects and conditions of service

The assembly of our Gre pools will be carried out by the Gre Official Technical Service (SAT) made up of qualified personnel with extensive experience in the assembly of this type of pool.

The mounting surface must be even, firm, smooth and completely level.

The unloading of the Gre pool is always done at street level and it will be the client who must carry out the transfer of the packages to the place of installation.

The installation price DOES include

  • 50 km. of Total Displacement (Ida + Vuelta) to carry out the assembly. Additional kilometers will be charged separately.
  • Assembly and assembly of the pool.
  • Once the assembly is finished, the amount will be paid to the pool assemblers.
  • Additional kilometers will be charged at €0.38/Km for each technician.

The installation price does NOT include

  • Land preparation.
  • Excavation or earthworks.
  • Realization of sub-base or concrete slab.
  • Movement or transfer of the pool or its components. Everything must be at the foot of the facility.
  • Explanation of the use of the pool or filtration equipment.
  • Rush of electrical current for the swimming pool.
  • Transport of water to the pool.

Below and for more information, we list some of the specific aspects in terms of installation for each of the types of Gre pools:

Installation service for steel and composite pools Gre

In all those oval or figure-of-eight pools that have buried beams (without lateral posts), the necessary trenches will not be made to bury the beams, nor the earth necessary for their subsequent filling (Gre Haiti, Amazonia, Varadero, Amazonia and Avantgarde without poles).

Gre wooden pool installation service

It is important to remember that the realization of a concrete slab or sub-base is necessary and mandatory to be able to install oval, rectangular and square wooden pools.

The realization of the concrete slab must be carried out by the client.

For circular pools, the concrete slab is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

In models with metallic cradles (rectangular and large oval), it is necessary to wait to receive the pool before proceeding with the concreting since the beams are embedded.

For the realization of the concrete floor, you will have to wait to receive the pool, since the SAT technicians will have to introduce the iron structures in the ground that the client has previously had to prepare and that will later have to be covered with concrete by the client.

Installation service for inground pools Gre

It is civil work and the relevant licenses will be needed.

The preparation of the land, excavation of the glass, screed, concrete blocks, etc. must always be done by the customer.

The transport of water, the connection of electrical current and drainage to the pool is not included. The client will take care of all this.

Not included in the price of the installation service are all those additional accessories not included in the pool kit, nor the labor for their installation (drain, spotlights, crown stone or similar, technical room, etc.).

Below we show you some of the Gre pools that you can buy in our online store.

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