Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinators

Swimming pool salt chlorinators

what is a salt chlorinator for?

The salt chlorinator is the system responsible for disinfecting the pool water and it does this automatically by means of a process known as salt electrolysis.

Salt electrolysis is a chemical process that generates chlorine using only salt water when it passes through the cell, also known as a salt electrode.

why is the pool water salty?

Swimming pools with a salt chlorination system require salt water to generate chlorine in order to disinfect the pool properly and eliminate any micro-organisms that may be present.

The concentration of salt in this type of pool is much lower than that of sea water and even tear water, which is why it is not itchy to swim in them.

To achieve salt water, it is sufficient to add a certain amount of common salt to the pool. At Piscinarium you will find bags of common salt specifically designed to be poured into the pool in order to generate chlorine by means of salt electrolysis.

what advantages and benefits do salt chlorinators offer?

Salt chlorinators offer a large number of advantages, which is why they have become the most commonly installed system in new constructions and/or pool renovations or modernisations.

With salt chlorinators there is no need to use more chlorine of any kind, avoiding the uncomfortable moments that occur with overchlorination, whether in grains or tablets.

Precise control of the amount of chlorine needed to avoid irritated skin and red eyes, as there is no more chlorine than necessary and you can enjoy a better quality bath.

Less maintenance and fewer chlorination errors, saving up to 80% in the time spent to correctly maintain the pool between the appropriate parameters.

It is beneficial for health, as it reduces itchy eyes, does not dye the hair and avoids itchy skin, in addition, it minimises the risk of poisoning, something quite common in overchlorination with traditional systems.

It is beneficial for the environment. It is a closed and infinite cycle that allows us to generate chlorine constantly, we only need to add common salt to the pool from time to time to maintain minimum salt levels. These levels are lost through evaporation of the water and every time the pool is refilled with tap water.

Economic savings. The consumption of the salt chlorinator is relatively low, comparable to the consumption of a light bulb, in exchange, we will stop buying granulated chlorine or chlorine tablets and we will avoid emptying the pool, as the water can be kept crystal clear all year round with minimum energy consumption, avoiding having to winter or empty the pool at the beginning of the season to thoroughly clean the pool that has not been maintained during the year.

Crystal clear water. Pools treated with salt electrolysis have much clearer water than those treated with chlorine tablets. This is noticeable on a daily basis, as traditional systems do not usually maintain the same level of transparency every day between treatments.

At Piscinarium we have a wide range of salt chlorinators from leading brands such as AstralPool salt chlorinators, Zodiac salt chlorinators, Idegis salt chlorinators, QP salt chlorinators, CTX salt chlor inators and Gre salt chlorinators.

Our team of professionals are knowledgeable about the particularities and advantages of each model and manufacturer, so if you have any doubts or questions, we encourage you to let us advise you so that you make the right choice when selecting the right salt chlorinator.

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