Demountable Swimming Pools

Demountable swimming pools

Demountable swimming pools are an easy and economical option to enjoy refreshing baths in summer without the need for building work.
Above-ground pools are also known as above-ground pools, as, unlike in-ground pools, they are supported on the ground, although there are also models specifically created to be buried, which makes them more similar to in-ground pools at a much lower cost.
In the above-ground swimming pool market, there are all kinds of solutions, both in terms of size and shape, with the most common being oval, round, square, rectangular and polygonal pools, such as hexagonal or octagonal pools.
The dimensions of removable pools have grown considerably, with models up to 12 metres long, although the most common sizes are between 4 and 6 metres long.
At Piscinarium you will find one of the largest detachable swimming pool catalogues in existence, offering the possibility of choosing by type of construction, the most common being the traditional tube and canvas detachable pools, wooden, steel or composite pools.
We work with the main manufacturers of above-ground pools and of the highest quality, such as the brands Gre, Iaso and Laghetto.
Above ground pools have been growing in both size and popularity, especially since the year 2020 with the confinement of the population. Manufacturers of swimming pool accessories know this and, for this reason, have begun to evolve and expand their solutions for specific above-ground pools. Now we can find compact filtration and purification products similar to those used in traditional pools, making their maintenance much more efficient and easier than the typical inflatable pools of all life, with which we obtain perfectly crystal clear water throughout the season. Among other accessories, the most common are access ladders, robot pool cleaners for above-ground pools and protective covers.
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